The Art of Getting What You Want

In our last post, we discussed a very important topic. This time around, we will be talking about the art of getting what you want.

The Art of Getting What You Want


At some point in our lives, we all desire to get what we want from our relationships, our careers and our life as a whole. We work hard day and night in order to succeed.

But sometimes we face failure and setbacks during our journey which tend to make us weaker. We feel defeated and the urge to keep going suddenly vanishes.

Fortunately, there is a way out. You can learn the art of getting what you want. This might be a long process but once you have mastered this art, you will be able to accomplish almost anything in your life.

Given below is a list of the traits that you need to develop in your personality:

  • Believe in Yourself – Accept that You are Unique

The foundation of achieving what you want is laid down once you have faith in yourself and to have this faith you have to believe in your abilities. You need to remember that you are not less or inferior than any other person.

You have to accept the fact that you are unique and different. You are an individual who can think out of the box and who can fulfill his or her desires.

For instance, if you want someone to fall in love with you or to have a relationship with you then the first step is to have self-confidence and the belief that you deserve love.

Similarly, career wise if you want to succeed then you have to have trust in your abilities. Keep in mind that you are a talented human being who won’t give up.

  • Work hard and Don’t be Impatient

Once you have self-confidence then you need work hard and wait for the results. They will show when the right time will come. Impatience will take you nowhere.

If you want your relationships to work well and in a smooth manner you need to give your 100% to it which means you have to give all your time and effort to your partner. In some time you will be able to convince your better half that they are important for you and they will reciprocate your love.

If you want to get promotion in your job, you obviously have to do more than what is required. You have to prove your talent to your superiors. With time, you will bear the fruits of your hard work.

Don’t let your desire to succeed or win someone over let you get out of control and become impatient. Don’t rush; just let it come to you when it is supposed to.

Also stay motivated throughout your journey. Motivation is very important. It is a driver which will ignite you. It will give the passion to get what you want. It will make working hard an enjoyable experience.

  • Know Your limits and Stay Realistic

Set real goals and don’t push yourself too hard. You need to have a realistic approach in your life. Although we believe in the fact that nothing is impossible yet we would advise you to not challenge Mother Nature.

Let’s suppose you madly love someone and can do anything for them. You want them to become a part of life and you are willing to pay any cost for that.

Unfortunately, the person you love treats you badly and have no respect for your feelings. In such a case you should know that you are going on the wrong path and that you need to back off as this will do you no good.

If you dream of becoming a CEO of a multinational company without getting the relevant information, putting the required effort and gathering the necessary finances, than you are just being wishful and unrealistic. Following this dream will only make you stressful and anxious.

  • Be Gentle and Flexible


Okay so throughout your hunt for what you want a variety of people will cross your path and they will try to influence you in both good and bad way.

It is important that you listen to them, and be kind and gentle towards them. It is your choice to act upon or not on whatever they tell you to do. If you feel that their advice will help you in getting what you want then you should definitely follow it.

Kindness is the key here. We live in a world where we have to deal with different people each day. If we won’t have healthy relationships with them we might just be left alone which will affect us in fulfilling our desires.

Flexibility is another key factor which will guide you in getting what you wish for. Circumstances tend to change and the sooner you adjust to them the better. Flexibility makes you a stronger and a non-complaining person whose primary focus is getting what he or she wants.

  • Learn the art of Persuasion

There will be a time or a situation when you might have to convince others as to what you want is right and justified. For this purpose you need to learn the art of persuasion.

This is usually true in business set up when you have a great idea that you want others to follow and you need to persuade them.

Proper persuasion techniques and courses are offered which help you in making a strong point which others cannot deny.

Same is the case with relationships. There might be a decision related to your partner or your children which you want them to take and for that you need to persuade them.

Persuasion might sometimes involve flattering others. This means that you have to praise people who might not deserve it just for the sake of getting what you want. But you have to make sure that throughout this process you don’t harm anyone in any way.

If suppose flattery is what makes your colleagues happy and gets them to doing what you want then that’s what you should do. There’s no harm in praising someone anyway.

By practicing the above guidelines you will be on the road to attaining you yearn for. Finally remember to never lose hope as you can and you will!

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