5 Benefits of Hiring a Pro Web Designer

In my last post, we discussed CSS frameworks.

Some companies truly understand how valuable of an investment hiring a professional to design and develop their website can be. Others? Not so much.

Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional web designer:

Consistent Brand Identity

Professional web designers understand how important it is for your online brand to match your offline brand as well. They tend to creative a visual language for your online brand that is consistent across numerous platforms – your website, logo, business cards, and even your online social profiles should be extremely consistent.

More Visitors That Stay

As a business owner, your ultimate goal of the website is either a) leads or b) online sales. A web designer designs and builds a website that makes it extremely easy for people to use. This leads to people contacting you and can ultimately lead to more cash in your hand!

More Customers

This is closely related to the point above. The professional website designer uses carefully-crafted call-to-actions throughout the site, guiding the user to exactly where they need to be. This is usually to an area that allows the user to contact you, or even a point of purchase.

Distinction From Competitors

It’s extremely common that, when talking and discussing design with your website designer, ¬†you will want to match your competitor’s website. This is an absolutely terrible idea. Are you a clone of your competitor? No, you’re not. You need to be different. This doesn’t mean you need sliders (which are equally awful) just because your competitor is using them. Be differenent!

Less Spending Down the Road

Business that try to undercut web designers, or even go for a cheaper web designer, follow the same path. They purchase the crappy design, they get a crappy website built, and then they pay two times over for a better web designer that they should’ve got in the first place. Be smart with your money and invest upfront in something valuable, other than paying some student minimum wage to cook something up for you!

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